Wow its been awhile, but I’m back baby, I’m back for now.My fingers don’t even know how to behave or what to expect anymore.I wish there was a machine that you could just plug into your mind and somehow it auto generates all our thoughts and records or writes everything down but since that hasn’t been invented i guess i’ll have to do it the hard way and stop being lazy. How sad. But in all honesty,I have been lazy on here so let me stop rumbling and get to the point.

When i first even wrote my title even i had to pause. Like Damn God is this a hint? Should i be preparing for some pain because i am not getting this pain thang. However,I get a sense that i will look back at this thread and I will be confused but extremely grateful that i wrote it.

So were all going to learn to Be One with Pain, Be the pain, Breath pain, and eventually be TEAM PAIN FOR LIFE.

You can work your own miracles by Napoleon Hill has aided this perspective. He basically introduces the idea that pain is a universal language and it’s something that is  understood and mutually respected. When we go through our tribulations the last thing your doing is jumping up and down thinking I love this this pain so much! i’m sure respect is the last word that pops up in our heads. It feels like were the only ones going through what were going through. Most of us try to have a pain-free life as much as possible.But Napoleon challenges that idea and questions what if we saw that pain as a blessing? What if we learned to condition our minds to pain and integrate it so that it becomes a full functioning emotion in our every day life. It should be a human experience which we should partake in gladly. I know. (MIND BLOWN)

It is easier to read and write about it. Applying it? That is a different story. Pain is a blessing.Through all the painful lessons i look back now and hands on my heart i  have been blessed to have experienced that trauma. If you think about it really, these “painful”experiences have shaped you as a person,evolved you as a person,challenged and humbled you as a person. Now how you choose to react to how that experience will shape you. That is on you. There have been tough experiences a lot of painful times in my life but i choose to define and see some of those experiences as pain and believe me not this blessing kind of pain.The type of pain that is associated with sadness, hurt, anger. But what if i chose to see and experience that “pain ” in a different way. A lot of outcomes would have been completely different.

So as i write about it i guess its also a learning curve ball for me. I’m not saying that other emotions associated with your trauma shouldn’t exist but rather at the end of it all we should see it as a blessing rather than a curse. Nothing is ever new in life and because of that, Why not learn to condition your mind differently? What have you got to loose. Pain should be acknowledged & respected but not feared.

So i guess ill have to add this as a reminder to myself. But what are your thoughts?


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