Lets Connect

Before i start Hack Giving all my Life secrets away, Lets connect.


 Have a shot if you need to, grab a glass of water,wine or just have some tea.Moisturize anything and everything,pour some eye drops and leave the attitude behind.Get your glasses and mind ready. This blog is about Life and it’s lessons.We all live it and frankly i want to live it as easy as possible,  but that can get boring sometimes and if your more like me who loves to learn lessons the hard way for you to get the point then GOOD LUCK and THANK YOU for taking one for the team because I’m sure through your pain you can share your testimony with us and we will get an enlightened life lesson and hack. 

Do you ever just do things in life and realize”If i only did this a certain way it would have been much easier”?You could be right. What is easy anyway and what does easy look and feel like? And what are we measuring that easiness against?I have a bitter sweet relationship with easy. I digress.

The lessons you have gotten so far in life you got them like you were meant to get them the only difference is the way those lessons served themselves  and the way you choose to receive them. Let me stick to the intro first. Back to connecting.

Some things happen for a reason, Some things happen because we just let them happen and some things happen because we do not  have an anonymous blogger to tell us and share their and everyone’s life lessons .I didn’t have that growing up so that is what I am here for,to be your Life hack giving fairy god mother. Blogger version. I got you guys covered.

Lets face it.We need each other.We  need to share the lessons that have shaped us into who we are today. Our perspectives,our belief systems,our characters and our true essence as kings and queens.This is an open platform on my journey and for everyone who is willing to share and open up theirs.

Nothing is ever new in life,so let’s stop being stingy and share as many Life Hacks as possible.